Studio Oxmox,owner Marc Klinnert and Gaby Klinnert, are sculptors of prototypes for promotion-figures (lifesize and small size sculptures) mainly characters from PC- and Videogames (for example: Lara Croft, Bruce Campbell, Dungeon Keeper, Spiderman and Snake, Metal Gear Solid 2, etc. as lifesize figures and Abe, Shadow Man, Soul Reaver, Link, Moorhuhn, Herdy Gerdy etc. as small sculptures).
Marc Klinnert, Studio Oxmox , is more than 15 years as an illustrator (freelance illustrator for advertising, cover-iIllustration) and started in 1997 with sculpting of prototypes for promotion sculptures.
Gaby Klinnert is multimedia-designer and responsible for computer and modeling.
All rights for the pictures on this website, which are all creations of Studio Oxmox, are reserved by Studio Oxmox or the inhabitor of the rights for the character. Every using is not permitted without the permission of Studio Oxmox!